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Relax and Receive an Amazing Smile with Sedation Dentistry

Relaxed woman with hands behind headIf fear or anxiety has kept you from the dental care you need and the magnificent smile you want, you’re in good company. One estimate shows that 40 million Americans avoid dental visits because of anxiety. Dr. Valentine understands dental phobia, and she offers sedation dentistry to help patients enjoy a stress-free, rewarding, and comfortable dental visit.

Hand holding white tablet pill

Oral Sedation

For mild nervousness, Dr. Valentine may prescribe a dose of an anti-anxiety medication. You will take this medication about an hour before your appointment. Oral sedation will put you into a totally peaceful state of mind during treatment.

Female patient with nitrous oxide mask

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also called laughing gas, this colorless, sweet-smelling gas allows patients to enter a relaxed state as they breathe in the nitrous oxide from a loose-fitting nose mask. Once we turn off the laughing gas, you will feel no lingering effects and can resume normal activities.

Relaxed patient during dental care

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, we combine nitrous oxide and an oral anti-anxiety medication. Dr. Valentine uses oral conscious sedation for patients who need moderate sedation. If you choose oral sedation, please plan to have a ride to and from our Beverly Hills, CA dental office. The effects of the medication will linger, so prepare to stay home for the remainder of the day following your dental visit.

Dentist treating relaxed dental patient

IV Sedation

During IV (intravenous) sedation, medication is administered directly into the bloodstream. IV sedation produces a consistent level of deep sedation during longer procedures and benefits patients with an extreme dental phobia. As with oral sedation, plan to have a driver following your appointment and expect to stay home the rest of the day.

Woman with eyes closed in dental office

General Anesthesiology

General anesthesiology renders patients completely unconscious, unaware, and pain-free during their dental procedure. If you’re set to undergo a complex and/or lengthy procedure or simply suffer from an advanced phobia, this may be the ideal option here in Beverly Hills.