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Orthodontics Can Help Your Smile Shine

Woman holding Invisalign trayA straighter smile can benefit much more than just your self-confidence – it can bolster your oral health, improve your smile’s function, and even decrease your risk of experiencing common dental problems. Dr. Valentine is well-attuned to how important her patients’ appearances are to them. That’s why she offers multiple orthodontic treatment options that can straighten teeth in a subtle and effective manner. Please contact our practice today if you’d like to schedule a consultation.

Closeup of patient placing Invisalign tray

Clear Braces

If you would love a smile with straight teeth but hate the thought of wearing bulky, metal braces, you have an alternative. Dr. Valentine understands the importance of maintaining your optimal appearance and offers clear braces. With this technique, only you and Dr. Valentine will know that you’re “wearing braces.”

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Dentist hand alignment tray to patient

Red White & Blue Clear Aligners

Red, White & Blue aligners are made of a clear, lightweight plastic that’s designed to shift teeth incrementally towards the patient’s desired smile. This technique is ideal for correcting small spacing problems, minor rotated teeth, and other relatively moderate orthodontic issues. Better yet, the sequence is easy to remember – you start with the red aligners, then the white, and finally the blue, switching between them every two to four weeks.

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