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Dental Checkups & Good Oral Hygiene Keep Your Teeth Strong

Woman with gorgeous smileThe American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist at least twice each year for a checkup exam and/or cleaning appointment. At your checkup, Dr. Valentine will inspect all your teeth for tooth decay and/or cracks, your soft & hard tissue for oral cancer, periodontal gum disease, and any other issues or concerns. Please contact our Beverly Hills Office today to schedule your appointment.

Closeup of smile during dental exam

Professional Dental Hygiene Visits

During your professional exam and cleaning appointment, Dr. Valentine will examine all your teeth for decay and/or cracks, your gums for periodontal gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults. Dr. Valentine is specially trained to detect, deter, and treat gum disease. We prefer to help you maintain optimal oral health so that you never have to worry about gum disease. However, we're here to help you if you develop periodontal gum disease problems.

Evaluating your oral health every six months reduces your potential for major dental problems. For instance, left untreated, a small cavity can grow to destroy an entire tooth and spread to surrounding teeth. A cracked tooth can cause pain or break off and create additional problems. Advanced gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss for American adults, and oral cancer causes more than 9.700 deaths in the US each year. Caught and treated early, these diseases can be controlled. Children as young as two should visit the dentist, and by age four or five, a child should attend regular checkups.