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Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills That Fits Your Schedule!

May 15, 2017

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Teeth whitening in Beverly Hills provides dazzling results. Are you interested in teeth whitening in Beverly Hills? Maybe you think there aren’t enough hours in the day — but Dr. Julie Valentine has two options to rejuvenate your smile at the time that works best for you. Keep reading to learn more about in-office and at-home professional whitening, then schedule an appointment to get started on summer teeth whitening!

Why Teeth Darken Over Time

The shade of your smile depends a lot on genetics. Some people were just born with whiter tooth enamel than others. But no matter how bright your teeth should be, there is no way to prevent them from getting darker with age. Why? Because your tooth enamel gets more brittle over time — meaning they are more likely to absorb to colors from coffee, red wine, and all your favorite foods and beverages. People who do not maintain excellent dental hygiene will notice their teeth growing even darker and yellower.

Fortunately, Dr. Valentine has the perfect solution: professional teeth whitening completed in the office or at home.

In-Office Whitening Reveals the Fastest Results

Want to see your results as fast as possible? An in-office treatment is probably the best option for you. Completed in just one, one hour treatment with Dr. Valentine, you’ll be flashing your super white smile before you know it. Our practice is pleased to offer two options for patients who want to undergo a quick in-office whitening treatment: Laser Opalescence Boost whitening and air abrasion whitening.


  • Laser Opalescence Boost whitening: Penetrates even the most stubborn stains using laser power and a potent bleaching gel. We’ll cover up your gums and other soft oral tissues to ensure your smile stays safe throughout the treatment.  
  • Air abrasion whitening: Usually most effective in conjunction with in-office or take-home whitening, air abrasion removes surface stains and smooths the surface of the teeth to prevent the reoccurrence of stains.


In-office whitening is a great option for many patients, but people who are extra prone to tooth sensitivity may be better served by at-home whitening (see below).

At-Home Whitening Works More Gradually

Patients who are not in a big hurry to finish whitening may prefer the more gradual approach of a take-home whitening treatment. This option is also usually preferred by people who are likely to experience tooth sensitivity with teeth whitening. Performing air abrasion whitening before or after your take-home treatment will help to reveal even better results.

To set you up with your whitening treatment, we create customized trays that you fill with a small amount of professional whitening gel each evening. Wear the combination for about half an hour each time. You will start to notice whiter results after the very first treatment, but carry it out to the end (usually about two weeks) to enjoy maximum whitening.

Let’s Get Started on Your Smile!

We are now halfway through May, and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful summer in our part of the country. Are you and your smile ready? Prepare yourself for everything that comes your way during June, July, and August with a professional teeth whitening treatment! Schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills today.

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