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What Are the Benefits of Laser Gum Recontouring?

February 28, 2019

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Your gums should be a complement for your smile, a simple framework for your beautiful teeth. But what if your gums try to steal the show? If you have excess gum tissue, your teeth may look disproportionately small and short, leading to what is often referred to as a “gummy smile.” Fortunately, laser gum recontouring (sometimes called crown lengthening) is able to gently remove the superfluous tissue and reveal and well-balanced grin that you’re eager to show off. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of this remarkable cosmetic treatment.


The laser used in the crown lengthening uses a highly concentrated beam of light to remove extra gum tissue. It is a high-end tool that gives your dentist precise control over what happens during your treatment. Therefore, there is little to no risk that your final results will be anything short of spectacular.

Short Recovery Time

In the past, dentists had to use traditional surgical tools, such as scalpels, to work on the gums. That meant patients could experience significant swelling and bleeding, along with a lengthy recovery period. Lasers have changed all of that. The laser cauterizes the tissue as it moves, thus minimizing bleeding and swelling. It also kills bacteria, which greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Reduced Pain

You should be very comfortable throughout the gum recontouring procedure. In fact, you may even opt not to have any local anesthesia applied. After your treatment, you may need to take a few precautions to protect your gums from irritation. For example, it’s wise to stick to eating soft foods for several days and to be very careful when you brush your teeth. However, there is no reason to expect that you will be in significant pain at any point during your recovery.

No Stitches

No one wants to put up with the discomfort and inconvenience of stitches, especially when it is for a cosmetic procedure like gum recontouring. Since the laser seals the wound as it goes, there is no need for your dentist to place any sutures in your mouth.

Is Laser Gum Recontouring Right for You?

Are you eager to discover your smile’s full potential? You may be a candidate for this procedure if:

  • More than 3mm of your gums show when you smile. You don’t have to get out your ruler; if you think you have excess gum tissue, you probably do.
  • Your gums are uneven. Sometimes, you might need tissue trimmed from just one or two teeth to produce a more aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • You’re preparing for other treatments. Sometimes, laser gum recontouring is recommended for patients who are going to receive dental crowns or porcelain veneers. The procedures work together to create truly stunning results.

Laser gum recontouring can makeover your smile with comfort and precision. Why not ask your cosmetic dentist about this amazing treatment?

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Dr. Julie Valentine is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist who is passionate about helping her patients achieve healthy, attractive teeth and gums. To learn more about laser gum recontouring or Dr. Valentine’s other services, contact our office at 310-551-2955.

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